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"Indie rock bands are leaking creativity. Why not harness their magical indie powers to help out those in need?" - so says the website of the Yellow Bird project, a Montreal-based charity whose offerings include sartorial items plucked from the imaginations of Broken Social Scene, Devendra Banhart and Of Montreal as well as multifarious other great indie acts who you've either heard of and love, or haven't. Card-carrying hipsters will also recognise them as the people behind this year's painfully trendy Indie Rock Coloring Book (sic).

For their latest releases they've employed the significant talents of angst-pop beat combo Bloc Party, folk hipsters Grizzly Bear, and Metric, the Canadian New Wave stars. Bloc Party's creation (bottom left), a vaguely Impressionist false-colour landscape of a cornfield (I think) populated by butterflies and over-looked by wispy clouds, is being sold to fund the charity Bread and Roses, who champion social justice, while Grizzly Bear's child-like rumination on the culturally transformational properties of the wheel (top left) asks people to splash the cash in aid of Brighter Planet, a suitably au courant Climate Change foundation.

At the time of writing, the Metric tee is yet to appear on the website, although some fine sleuthing by the LA Times suggests it may involve "pinstripes". Profits from their design will allegedly help fund MusiCounts; more developments as they come.

UPDATE: I'm reliably informed they ship to the UK no problem, so those with Christmas present slots yet to be filled feel free to put in an order. Still no word on the pinstripes

UPDATE 2: As per an email from Yellow Bird Project's English half, Casey, the Metric tee is due out tomorrow (Friday). Paypal accounts at the ready...


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