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Tweets from inside Fort Hood

Posted by Jack Riley
  • Friday, 6 November 2009 at 10:46 am
As America responded to last night's attack at Fort Hood carried out by Malik Nadal Hasan, Twitter once again showed its value as a tool for breaking news with the updates of "Tearah Moore", who tweeted pics and updates from inside the camp, before being shut down after roughly an hour. 

Her account is now locked, but I've reconstructed the most recent tweets here from people rebroadcasting her updates using their own accounts. Thanks to Twitter's lax indexing policy for older tweets, messages before the first posted below are no longer available to view.

They just brought a CART full of boxes w/transplant parts in them. Not good not good. #fthood 

Ok we just saw a soldier on a stretcher w/2 armed guards walking by He didnt look like he was in great condition. 

Please help give blood for people. Even if u aren't around here, u can help in your area. People always need donated blood 

A FUCKING MAJOR? Are you kidding me? A MAJ! For those of uthat don't know, Army MAJ have pretty serious rank. Dick 

The poor guy that got shot... Gen Cone is reporting right now. (above)
Someone just started shooting in Commanche 4 which is on post housing. What are these people thinking?!? 

Maj Malik A Hassan. He shouldn't have died. He should be in the worst suffering of his life. It's too fair for him to just die. Bastard!
Ft Hood is on lockdown. Some guys just shot 19-25 people. As least 11 died so far. I'm at the hospital right now. Please pray for all of em

MissTearah wasn't the only person tweeting from the base. Another witness, whose twitter ID is ArmyBarbieGirl, was also in Fort Hood, and tweeted about the psychological effect of the attacks, as well as indicating the general paucity of information being given to soldiers in the area:

OMG Cant sleep i keep hearing noises outside.after today im really paranoid. but i swear someone is out there. oh gawd i hope its only a dog 

Sad news buddy of mines brother was killed here at fort hood today.. May he rest in peace and i'm soo sorry robbert for your loss. 

Sirens going off again.... i hope thats just letting us know that all is good now 

going to go out... yep thats right im leaving my house! i NEED to know whats happening out there! 

not very far at all. the fist shooting were only five minutes away and the second was only a block or 2 away from where i live 

its very quiet almost looks like a ghost town outside.i cant speak for al of us here but its quite nerve wrecking. 

2 of the shooters have now been cought. phew. 0.0 

Currently at Fort Hood TX on lock down. 7 dead 15+ injured. 

MissTearah's updates raise some major ethical questions about the appropriateness of using Twitter in such situations where others' security might be at risk, as discussions on the TwitPic site used to post the picture above showed; while some commenters questioned whether legal restrictions (HIPAA in particular) should prevent the pictures being posted, others debated the moral implications of the postings, with one commenter saying "We are ALREADY freaking out and this shit just makes it worse".


l3av3_m3_alon3 wrote:
Monday, 9 November 2009 at 07:59 am (UTC)
I'm pretty sure you didn't have permission to use that picture on anything that you posted, nor did you have permission to post any so-called words that either of these people wrote. You know you changed the wording on these posts and you also know that you are ridiculously wrong for doing so. I suggest, unless you want to have to deal with a serious problem, you take down the names of the people in this post, take the picture off from this page and take the user names down. By the way, the account was not shut down. You're probably just better off deleting the whole entry. The user name was changed to prevent idiots like you from reading the posts.
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